Penelope Parties are a great way to earn extra income.  You manage your own schedule and determine how much you want to make.

Our kit is much different than other Adult party companies.  You can pick from one of our pre-assembled kits, or you can make your own.

You have two choices on how to obtain the kit.  You can pay outright with a credit card and then you are on your way (you earn 40% of the profit from every party, or you can have one of our Senior Consultants attend your first parties, where they bring their kit and 20% of the profits go towards your kit purchase.  Once you have paid for your kit, you are flying solo and the world is at your feet.  We suggest you obtain our starter kit for this option so you can start earning full commissions within 1 or 2 parties.

A successful consultant is one that is comfortable talking about sex, masturbation and the human body.  She is confident and loves people.  She presents herself in a professional manner at all parties as well as when she is marketing her business.  She doesn’t use crude or foul language at the parties and makes sure everyone is having fun.  Is this you? We need to talk! I will be contacting you within 24 hours.